Michael Roop Enterprises (MRE)
Training and Consulting

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Michael R. Roop, CSP, is a retired Louisiana State Police Captain and the founder and former owner of one of the premier rescue training and equipment companies in the country. That company specialized in elevated structural Fall Protection as well as Confined Space (CS) rescue training. Roop has developed numerous rescue techniques taught to thousands worldwide. His decades of safety experience and consulting expertise continue to benefit his clients.

Michael’s consultancy includes an extensive Expert Witness background in the safety and training arenas. Roop has worked all over the nation as an incident investigator and court certified expert in dozens of injury/fatality cases. These cases include: 

    • Confined Space Entry as well as Rescue for
              -  Construction (Fire Stacks & Construction Sites) 
              -  General Industry (Railroad Tank Cars, Industrial Vessels, & Sanitary Sewers)
              -  Marine (Shipboard) 
    • Fall Protection and Rescue for General Industry & Construction 
              -  Structures (Buildings, vessels, tanks, bridges, etc.) 
              -  Telecommunication Towers & Poles
    • Safety Training Accidents 
    • Slips Trips & Falls 
    • Rope Access Harnesses & Equipment 
    • Helicopter Search & Rescue 
    • Train Derailment Response

Roop’s professional knowledge and experience facilitates his determination of incident causation factors. Roop is a disciplined writer of clear, logical, and regulatorily supported reports. Roop’s past case experience includes work involving the U.S. departments of Labor (OSHA) and Justice (US Attorney), international telecommunications and construction companies, and a variety of other business/industry enterprises as well as individuals.

Roop’s wide-ranging consulting background includes Oil/Gas (both up and down stream), Petrochemical Production, Construction (road and building), Manufacturing, Aerospace, Pulp/Paper, Storm & Waste Water management (plants and pipe systems), Power, Fire/Police Operations & Training, Engineering, and Homeland Security.

In addition to litigation support, Michael’s competencies include safety program development, site safety training, office/site safety audits, contractor program and shop inspections/audits, accident/incident investigation, and post incident response.

Roop served as a principal member of NFPA’s (National Fire Protection Association) two technical rescue committees: Operations and Training for Rescue Incidents and Rescue Technician Professional Qualifications. These NFPA committees developed national standards for technical rescue for CS and other disciplines. Additionally, he is a past Chairman of the American Industrial Hygiene Association’s (AIHA) Technical Committee for Confined Spaces. Roop also serves as a principal member on the ANSI Z117 Confined Space Committee. Roop is a quoted source for the Rescue Clarification of the OSHA federal CS regulations.  Michael has taught those regulations to OSHA enforcement and consultant officers as an adjunct instructor for the OSHA Training Institute (OTI) where he has also helped develop OSHA CS training videos and course curriculum. Further, Roop served as a principal committee member of the ANSI Z359 Fall Protection Committee and the Rescue Subcommittee. Additionally, he has been contracted by OSHA’s solicitors as a court certified expert in CS entry and rescue. 

Michael has authored numerous articles for national professional publications. His book, Confined Space and Structural Rope Rescue published by Harcourt (Mosby Lifeline) Publications, is considered a ground-breaking professional training publication on the subject of CS and high angle rescue.

Michael is a graduate of Southeastern Louisiana University with a BA in Criminal Justice and has completed Masters level courses at Louisiana State University as a graduate student in Criminal Justice.

 NOTE: Project descriptions available upon request.